I SEE nothing has changed at Thornwood Primary (Primary is focus for bully claims, Evening Times, April 8).

My oldest daughter, who is 32 this year, was bullied at this Glasgow school from primary two right up to primary seven with very little or no consequences for the bullies.

It is disgraceful that a head teacher and teachers alike should be intimidated by a minority of badly behaved pupils.

It is even more disgraceful that they are not in control of this minority and able to protect other children in their care during school hours.

Name and address supplied

War weary

REGARDING independence being "catacalysmic" (Robertson warns Yes vote cataclysmic, Evening Times April 9) - Lord Robertson is, as usual, being a hypocrite.

From CND to Nato chief, talk about a brass neck!

If he knew his history he'd know that Scotland has long historical links of trade, culture, education and military alliance with the former Soviet Union going back hundreds of years.

If the English want to fight capitalist wars with their American partners, why should Scots always be on the front line. Don't we have our own ideology, culture, thinking and trading capabilities?

Unlike Lord Robertson, we don't need to depend on the English shilling.

Gerard White posted online

Sort out queue

THE Hydro arena is a great success, but those in charge have obviously never waited in the taxi queue to get home.

People illegally parked to pick up friends make it extremely difficult for taxis to access the rank. Sort it out.

William Sawers Glasgow

Walking a line

DOG owners, there's a fine line between being a pet lover and dog-owning scum no decent person has anything to do with.

John Brown posted online