With regards to Battlefield restaurant told to take down sign featuring Games logo (Friday).

Welcome to Glasgow.Really? Welcome that is to everyone except local businesses.

Hope this isn't the start of a self-defeating move against the city's hardworkers by the organisers, especially when these very same businesses have being paying rates for years to the city in order such attractions can be brought to Glasgow.

If so, then the tag line, People Make Glasgow, should maybe be changed to People Fleeced By Glasgow.

This is a disgraceful decision by all concerned.

Donald Macleod


Air pollution

WITH regards to yester­day's figures revealing 306 deaths a year in the city are linked to air pollution.

A council spokesman said: "As Scotland's largest city it would be expected we would be in the top half of the table."

What a dismissive attitude that response displays to the facts that are presented, including the deaths of 306 individuals each year. And boasting that Glasgow is not quite as bad as "many UK cities" - presumably those that are far larger than Glasgow.

Is the council planning to take any practical steps to reduce the problem, other than carrying out more "studies"?

Doreen Edgar

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Airbus arrival

I was honoured to witness that majestic aircraft as it flew over the retail park at Drumchapel (Thursday).

So graceful! I had my seven-year-old daughter with me and she hasn't stopped talking about it.

David Milligan

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