GLASGOW Airport's latest passenger results are fantastic.

The airport is going from strength to strength. I flew out to Dubai recently on Emirates and really noticed the difference in the terminal, the £17m investment is paying off, making it much more modern and comfortable.

It really is my airport of choice in Scotland, the others are years behind.

Dan Scott, posted online

Floods misery

I WAS amazed by your story about the street which has flooded regularly for 50 years (Saturday, April 12).

It must be a nightmare for the people who live there and if any of them ever want to sell their home, I imagine they will have real trouble.

More has to be done to help in cases as serious as this. Carrying out quick fixes every so often is not good enough. Surely a permanent solution can be found.

Carol Stuart, Glasgow

Make city safe

THE Corinthian having its licence altered came as no surprise when you look at the number of times police have been called out to deal with incidents in or around the venue.

But I can't help but feel it has been singled out.

Just walk past any of Glasgow's late night venues any weekend night and you will see all kinds of unsavoury sights.

The figures for police call outs to these venues probably won't be too different to those for The Corinthian.

If venues face having their business severely disrupted as a result of the behaviour of their patrons, it might make for a much safer and more welcoming city centre.

Graham W, Glasgow

Fans have choice

IF Dave King is serious, why not buy the board out and sell the shares back to Rangers supporters? There surely is no need for each supporter to put their money into Mr King's account.

This has been done before: remember Mr White used the supporters' money to gain control.

Everyone should make their own decision. Either, pay up and accept the present situation of funding the faceless investors.

Or, do not renew, put the club into administration and start again with the supporters in charge.

Michael Reilly, posted online