REGARDING Rachel Loxton's coverage of the Red Road flats blowdown plan, I just want to say thank you for such sympathetic articles.

I'm sure everything you guys have done over the past week or so has helped to make the committee see sense.

The Evening Times has been so supportive of the Sighthill tenants in the many battles we have had and now the Red Road tenants.

It's much appreciated,

Elaine Ellis Sighthill Community Council

People power

PEOPLE power has made the council and in particular 2014 chief executive David Grevemberg see sense. Who put this man in this position?

We would have been a world wide laughing stock.

Les Trueman Glasgow

Air effects

I HAVE used Byres Road for the best part of 50 years and it has always been busy (Evening Times, April 14).

The council could install 100 air pollution monitors and it would not make one iota of difference. Our air is full of man-made pollutants.

Fortunately, the infirmary is at the bottom of the road if you get breathless.

Johnny Mack Posted online

Store boost

GOOD news that another big name store is moving into the Fort (Evening Times, April 14).

I am all for greater competition not just for the malls individually but as a group. The more competition there is the better for us shoppers.

It's just a shame a certain London store didn't come to Trongate. It might have opened up so many opportunities.

L McGarrity via email

Hotel shock

REGARDING the Memories page (Evening Times, April 9) on the 1966 closure of the St Enoch Hotel - I bet they are sorry now.

It's shocking, and to think there was nothing wrong with the building. Who was in power in the City Chambers?

Eric Reynolds Posted online