REGARDING the Red Road Flats saga, I see Mr Sweeney is sitting on the fence, as usual.

The nearest he gets to a clear unequivocal opinion is that he was "somewhat uneasy" and "uncomfortable" with the proposals for demolition.

It is also unclear, in the last paragraph of his article, if he is of the opinion that the tower blocks should be retained as part of Glasgow's culture and diversity?

Also please advise him that in meteorological terms a "south easterly breeze" blows from the south east towards the north west, and that there is obviously no longer need to ponder the problem as the timing of the destruction has been resolved.

Ed McEwan

Via e-mail

Go Glasgow!

NOW that the distraction of the Red Road flats debacle is over it's time to look forward to Glasgow hosting the Commonwealth Games in July.

And the unveiling of the medals competitors will be chasing shows that Glasgow can produced something really classy.

This is a real opportunity to put Glasgow on the world map for almost two weeks.

We know we've got the best people, we've now seen the world class medals.

Now bring on the show and lets make it the best the Commonwealth has ever seen.

Go Glasgow.

H Caven

East Kilbride

Menace bikers

IT is quite obvious that the authorities are waiting for someone to be seriously injured by a crazed biker before they decide to do anything about the increasing menace of bikers travelling at speed on pavements crowded with pedestrians, especially in the city centre.

Why is a blind eye being turned to these menaces on wheels, who appear to think they have a right to ignore all normal rules that the rest of us have to abide by?

You can see uniformed wardens all standing around waiting for someone to drop a bus ticket, while these menaces race by without a word being said.