I was born in Glasgow and I am 80.

My auntie was 103 years old when she died and lived in her own flat till she was 101.

She lived all her days in the Gorbals.

Who comes up with these statistics about life expectancy? There were nine children in our family.

I would like to know what the life expectancy in the East End of London is. In the good old days, you would be lucky to reach 35.

Thomas Donnelly Glasgow

Give us answers

Why did it take the council so long to take action about pollution on Byres Road, and how often is data checked? Why is nothing being done to lower levels of pollution? Glasgow City Council has many questions to answer.

Sheena Penson Posted online

Clyde's future

is Mr Salmond willing to spend hundreds of millions of pounds to diversify, as the Clyde would be unable to compete on the world market? Having worked on the Clyde for over 36 years, I think he is just vote catching. He knows shipbuilding will be over in an independent Scotland.

William Welsh Posted online

Park life

YOUR Memories park pram jam photo would have been taken in the good old days when you could go for a paddle in the fountain, or watch a turn in the old bandstand, or my favourite pastime there as a kid -"tumblin' yer wilkies" down the steep embankment in the photo.

Steven Rowan Middlesex

Food puzzle

It was truly staggering to see the number of people using food banks in Glasgow and across the UK. To think it has come to this. When will we see any light at the end of the tunnel?

Perhaps Mr Cameron and Mr Salmond can get their act together for the sake of the country's hungry and put politics aside for a moment.

C Rogers via email