I WAS not surprised to read your story regarding students turning to counsellors for help (April 18).

Contrary to what people think, there is huge pressure on students.

After years of study most of them then start their working lives with massive debts which recent studies say they will be middle aged before they can pay off.

I hope your article helps get them the support they need.

C Perkins Glasgow

Lane saga

SO the bus lane saga rolls on and on (Evening Times, April 18).

Now they are using money from one pot to put into another - parking. It limps from bad to worse.

If it was making a real difference to easing congestion around the city, then I would be all in favour of it.

It would be interesting to see if bus drivers think the lanes are helping.

Name and address supplied

Truck was great

WHAT a fantastic picture of the Lister truck taking people around the 1938 exhibition in Glasgow (Evening Times April 18).

Why can't we have something like that next to the River Clyde, or an electric train now?

Perhaps health and safety chiefs wouldn't allow it.

C Rogers Sent by email

Old age issue

'GUTTED'. I just sent away my pension sign-up stuff saying I'd retire at 65-70 and now, looking at the life expectancy statistics, this paper (April 17) tells me I'm not going to see it.

James Martin Posted online