Congratulations to the road bosses - the new Squinty Bridge traffic flow is a triumph.

For eight years we have been travelling half way to Govan before we could turn on to the bridge from Govan Road/Paisley Road West. It's early days, but already the new system for turning right on to the bridge is making such a difference.

I know some people might not be happy about the changes coming into effect with regards to the Fastlink plan, but in this case it has helped secure the ideal situation for the Squinty Bridge.

Happy motorist Glasgow

Nation is safe

The premise of Stef Lach's column Safety in South Africa (Evening Times, April 18) is flawed. That people in South Africa "still live in terror of home invasion robberies" is the foundation upon which Oscar Pistorius has, rather opportunistically, built his increasingly shaky defence. That doesn't make it the truth, as Mr Lach seems to accept.

After many years in the UK, I returned, to Johannesburg in 2009. While I'm careful when in certain parts of the city, I go about my daily life in much the same way as I did in the UK.

Jeanette Serdyn Johannesburg

Helping hand

I see that the Labour Party have hired a "special advisor" from America to help in their bid to win the next General Election.

Are they trying to say there is nobody here who can do that job?

How many advisors does Mr Miliband have? He is surrounded by highly-paid people, so why not get one of them to mastermind his election campaign. Make them earn their money.

JH Via e-mail

Roar of approval

AS AN old biker, now long retired from the saddle, it was a delight to see the guys and girls on the Yorkhill Easter Egg run roar through Knightswood on Sunday.

I hope the kids enjoyed their chocolate as much the bikers did their run in the sun.

Martin Fraser Via e-mail