Gordon Brown has a real brass neck telling Scots to "focus on the security of pensions" as part of the No campaign.

Let us not forget that Gordon was the Chancellor who led us into the economic crisis in the first place. He failed to control the economy or to regulate the banks. He also destroyed many final salary pension schemes and sold off the UK's gold reserves when prices were rock bottom.

The No campaign must be desperate to use him as an economic "expert."

Felix McCabe Glasgow

Just say 'no'

I was shocked to read about the horrifying possible side effects of taking so called "legal highs" (Evening Times April 22).

I am of a generation who didn't even touch anything like that. We could hardly even afford a drink at weekends.

I hope young people out there will read your article and take it in. Maybe they will then think of other ways to have a good time.

You certainly didn't need "legal highs" in my day.

C Perkins Kinning Park

Red letter day

Matty Sutton's piece about a day in the life of a postie was very entertaining.

You tend to forget how they are battling away for us, sometimes in all weathers, with heavier and heavier loads.

I think the posties deserve a well-earned pat on the back.

Name and address supplied

Same old story

Some things it seems never change. I refer to your article (April 18) regarding urinating yobs. More than 40 years ago I lived next to Ibrox Park. The houses were surrounded by a small pathway which, on match days, became a public toilet.

There were children in our houses and they had to be kept indoors until the crowds had passed. My father would not hear of me chastising the offenders, for obvious reasons, and reporting the matter to the police was futile.

It looks as if, even with all the modern facilities provided, the yobs still prefer to pee in public places.

K Irvine Via e-mail