The mismanagement of Glasgow Central Station was on display again this week.

The new (or not so new) ticket barriers once again refused to process tickets, resulting in passenger frustration. These barriers have always had to have rail staff standing by to manually operate them. Progress indeed.

Departure board showing, for example, 15.18 train for East Kilbride leaving from platform 11. Then, shortly before departure, a garbled announcement that this train will now depart Platform 5.

Does rail management not realise that it is a considerable walk to platform 11 and then back to platform 5?

What our Commonwealth Games visitors will think of this shambles I shudder to think.

FMK East Kilbride

Park BBQ fire

Following Sunday's latest bin fire in Kelvingrove Park caused by a discarded portable barbecue, perhaps park wardens should be armed with fire extinguishers and enforcing a stricter policy on allocated areas for peoples' barbecues.

Thankfully the latest turn in the weather, and natural extinguisher - the rain - will put a dampener on those who flout the rules.

Ensuring disposable barbecues are fully extinguished before binning them would be the sensible approach.

People Power Glasgow

It's a knockout!

Why do some politicians in this city insist on being negative.

We are weeks away from hosting The Commonwealth Games, an event that could really put Glasgow in the spotlight, yet SNP Councillor Graeme Hendry chooses to attack City Building - one of the companies which have played a pivotal role in constructing some of the Games' facilities - about male-only boxing events (Evening Times, April 23).

I'm not great fan of politicians, however even the most opinionated of them should know that generating negative publicity is not beneficial to Glasgow.

Derek Rutherglen