It was with interest I read the article re-City Building no longer using the St Andrew's Sporting Club for corporate entertainment, but not naming other events not being supported in the coming year due to a change in the firm's marketing strategy.

The 'credit' for this is being claimed by an SNP councillor, as the club is a men-only establishment on boxing evenings.

SNP leader, Alex Salmond, was invited to the Club, but was unable to attend due to diary commitments. At no time did he mention it was male-only and he wished us continued success.

The SNP's Minister for External Affairs and International Development, Humza Yousaf, has also been a guest.

The club is a small business, which has raised vast sums to help many charities.

It has brought prestigious events to Glasgow and provides an opportunity for young boxers.

It also offers great networking opportunities for the business world.

I'm disappointed to be caught in the middle of this political mudslinging.

It was with great pride that I received an honour from the Queen and the Lord Provost's Award for Sport. To be used as a political pawn by someone who claims to be supportive of Glasgow and its businesses is unacceptable.

Tommy Gilmour MBE St Andrew's Sporting Club

Bus lane rage

I HAVE a private hire taxi, which is registered on the council's bus lane 'white list', yet I have received in excess of 30 fine notices, all of which were later cancelled.

What a waste of time and money. Why can't he powers that be check their own vehicle exemption list?

I have the lady at the council on speed dial on my phone and when I rang about yet another notice she told me there are three more on way!

Name and address supplied

Cry freedom!

Great to see the human side coming out in Andy Murray these days.

Well done to Andy on being granted the freedom of Stirling.

C Rogers Yoykshire