I read the constant piffle over pensions in the event of an independent Scotland.

One lie is bigger than the last.

I would like to pose a question to all those who fear for their pension or who have not thought it all the way through: if you are a pensioner or soon to be one, and you decide to move to Australia, will you expect to get your British pension there?

Of course, you do. And anybody who retires and decides to move abroad gets the pension entitlement - it has been going on for years.

If Scotland votes Yes in the referendum, the country will contribute to the pension in the same fashion as we contribute to all other items of a fiscal nature, by our percentage share.

All the attempts to cause fear and uncertainty is wrong no matter what the source of them are.

Charles P O'Brien


Fix pavements

I see Battlefield Road has been resurfaced leading up to Hampden Park. That is okay if your driving - walking is a different matter. The pavements are in a terrible state.

This will be a main route for all the athletics events when the Commonwealth Games are held. It is time for major improvements.

Name and address supplied

Second best

Scottish Transport Minister Keith Brown has proudly announced the Government will be upgrading sections of the A9 to dual carriageway over the next few years.

Almost every main route in England is motorway with three lanes in each direction. Why does Scotland have to settle for second best by only getting a dual carriageway?

Les Trueman