I work for a small bus operator in Glasgow which struggles to compete against the larger companies.

The key to our success is a combination of good time keeping and affordable fares. If bus lanes were removed, we would struggle to meet our timetable requirements, as our drivers would be faced with daily traffic chaos.

I find it strange that, as a former bus driver, Councillor Malcolm Balfour fails to see these basic benefits to both the bus operators and the travelling public.

L Downie Glasgow

Games grumps

AS SOMEONE who lives near Tollcross Swimming Pool and uses Tollcross Park for exercise and dog walking, it looks like I will not be able to use the park during Games events. The roads I use to travel to work will also be restricted.

When previous events were held at the pool it was chaos, with not enough on-site parking, and some jobsworths trying to stop me walking my dog by the venue.

Come the Games, I will have to apply for a permit to park in my own street.

Meanwhile, the great and the good will whizz by in special traffic lanes. Where was the consultation on this?

Robert Smith Via e-mail

End of the Road

I lived in the Red Road flats for 16 years before being relocated to a new property nearby.

I understand the issues faced by those who live in the flats - dampness and failing heating systems being two I could list.

The buildings have outlived their use, their demolition should have taken place in the late 1990s when I was relocated. Most of the flats are now barely fit to provide an acceptable standard of housing.

It's time to remove them and make way for regeneration. These buildings are little more than an eyesore and a cause of misery for those who have to live in the conditions that come with their tenancies in these crumbling shelters.

John Dunlop Via e-mail