In reply to Les Truman's letter (April 26), how correct he is.

Turning the A9 into a dual carriageway is not going to make it any safer, it is still going to kill.

The simple problem is that there is too much traffic and that the roads cannot cope with volume of vehicles. Take a look at the M8 Glasgow to Edinburgh. I used to go to Edinburgh in 45 minuets, now it takes nearly two hours first thing in the morning and it's bumper to bumper.

Scottish Transport Minister Keith Brown and his team eventually agreed, after 40 years of debate, to build the missing link of the M74 and what a difference that has made.

Ronnie Cotterill Via e-mail

Leave us a lane

AS a Glasgow bus driver, I find the comments from former bus driver and city Councillor Martin Balfour rather confusing.

Surely, as a former bus driver, he will remember the chaos in the city prior to the introduction of bus lanes.

I have recognised a huge difference. They benefited both drivers and commuters alike.

The changes to the road through the introduction of these lanes has resulted in a much more pleasant and steadily flowing stream of traffic in the city and reduced the start stop nature of travelling during peak hours that we all had to endure in the past.

Alan McFarlane West End

Park cash plea

RE: cash plea to public to help parks (April 26). What do Glasgow City Councillors think the Council Tax is for?

Perhaps they should stop duplicating Westminster heating allowances to persons aged over 80, forget about the "living wage" and allow tax credits to make up the difference, or if they are really struggling why not charge an entry fee to the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery?

Its looking more and more as if Glasgow has bitten off more than it can chew with the Commonwealth Games. They could try and get better value when spending our money.

Ronnie Simpson Via e-mail