In response to Councillor Balfour's obsession with the closure of bus lanes (Monday), I fail to understand the reasoning behind the removal of a facility that prevents our city from coming to a gridlock in the mornings.

I've been a bus driver now for more than 25 years and I can confidently say that without these lanes, I would struggle to meet my timetable requirements.

Given that the city is about to host the Commonwealth Games, what sort of impression would this give visitors to Glasgow if they were to spend the duration of their visit enduring gridlocks, while trying to visit the many places of interest in our city.



Park gig shock

I quite agree with James Alexander regarding summer sessions in the park (Monday).

Living within the area of this event was not a pleasant experience and one I had hoped would not be repeated.

As far as security this was almost non-existent on the side streets and like many other residents had to witness fans shouting, swearing and urinating in the street.

I also had members of my family attending one of the gigs and was shocked to hear of under age drinking and use of drugs.

As far as having knowledge that there was consultations before and after the event, this is news to me.

I would urge others to sign the petition to have it moved to a more acceptable venue.

Concerned Resident


Duck feeding

The ban on feeding ducks and swans is long overdue (Monday).

Bread, the food which is mostly given to the ducks, should not be part of their diet - bread is damaging to their health.

What has occurred over years is bread has now become a rubbish food which the ducks rely on.

Problem with ducks living around park ponds, unlike ducks living around rivers, the pond ducks do not have the correct diet which rivers provide. Stop feeding rubbish to pond ducks and they will move from such as Queen's Park to rivers - their proper habitat where they will be healthier.

Angus McKay