It was disappointing to read (April 28) that one South Side resident suffered such distress as a consequence of last year's Big Weekend concerts in Bellahouston Park.

The confusing element of the complaint was the distance that the gentleman lives from the park, as surely more than 30 noise complaints would have been recorded by the city council and other services if such wide spread disruption had indeed taken place.

I understand the need to address concerns within communities at local level, however the city needs to attract these events in order to help increase footfall for our many small businesses who benefit from these events taking place.

B McAllister Glasgow

Park and ride

re. call for public consultation on bus lanes (April 28).

Keep the lanes but, like limited no parking areas, allow them to be used by all when buses are not running.

Cars are a perpetual danger and source of pollution on our roads and seldom have more than one occupant. Perhaps, if the Subway system operated for longer hours, we could introduce a park and ride system.

Tom Kent Glasgow

Slippery slope

We are following the US in becoming a litigation culture (April 29).

While there is no excuse for the City Council failing to carry out necessary pavement repairs, for a pupil to be paid £11,000 for "slipping on ice in the playground" is a joke.

When I was at school we loved playing at "slides". Heaven help that kind of child when they grow up and have to start taking some kind of responsibility for themselves, out there in the big bad world.

Doreen Edgar Posted online

Spotted in pub

re. TUESDAY's Memories page picture of the Shawfield Bar in 1984,

that's my uncle Tommy in the front row.

Richard McInarlin Posted online