DAVID Cameron's bluff was well and truly called on Wednesday when he was questioned over the recent Royal Mail privatisation.

Not content with selling off more of the family silver, the Tories and their LibDem stooges sold the bulk of the shares cheaply to their City pals, allowing overseas hedge funds and Tory Party donors to make a killing.

And still they tell us this was a good deal for Britain.

At a time when most people are feeling the pinch, it seems it's business as usual for the City spivs and their political pals.

Chris Mackin Posted online

Food bank feud

RE DWP boss Neil Couling saying food bank users "want something for nothing" (April 30). This is unbelievable.

We have kids in Whiteinch who don't get any food from when they leave school on Friday to breakfast club on Monday morning.

How can this guy be allowed to say this sort of thing - let him come and see what it is like living off sanctioned benefits for a week.

Alan McWilliam Posted online

DWP disgrace

Disgraceful attitude from the DWP which allowed profiteering private agencies to scam hundreds of billions, literally, from the Social Security budget.

It's no wonder politicians don't canvass on the doorsteps anymore.

John Surgeon Posted online

Truth will out

Possibly a lot of truth in what Neil Couling says. Chancers will always try to get something for nothing.

Stewart Douglas Bearsden

Pub roll row

WHY are the police (April 1) wasting taxpayers' money over whether you get one roll or two with your early morning pint?

This is a waste of time and resources when serious crimes are being swept under the carpet.

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