Evening Times readers had plenty to say after DWP boss Neil Couling suggested to MSPs food bank users in Scotland were looking for something for nothing.

Some people use food banks in order to spend their money on other things. It's human nature to seek things for free.

A lot of people use food banks because they have to, but some people simply use them for free food and spend the money on other things.

The problem is, nobody will talk about this.

David Kinniburgh

DWP boss Neil Couling's reply to MSPs was a disgusting response by an un-caring man.

He should be placed in the same position that his staff have placed many thousands of benefit claimants for at least six months.

Ron Campbell

Mr Couling should be forced to live on benefits for a year. If he did, he'd soon be in line for his food parcel.

Michael Reilly

There is some truth in Mr Couling's claims.

I was taking to someone I know the other day who uses a food bank, yet three weeks ago she got a tattoo that cost £145.

Who is conning who here?

Brian Clark

Oh the irony. When the press the world over is reporting one scandal after another, with politicians pocketing way more than they should, via expense accounts and second home allowances, it's no wonder this man is able to speak so knowingly about some people wanting something for nothing.

Danielle Conley