Yet again Glasgow City Council tries to dazzle us with facts and figures on the improvement rate in the repairs of our roads (April 30).

If the council spokesperson had done their homework, they would have noticed that your story wasn't about our roads, but the £400,000 paid out in compensation to pedestrians who have injured themselves falling on the city's crumbling pavements.

When it comes fixing the problem, actions speak louder than words.

A McGill Via email

Cruelty hope

There seems to be an increasing number of stories in your paper regarding animal cruelty.

From skinny dogs to abandoned animals, it makes really sad reading. However, what makes it even more sad is that there are so many cruel people out there that can actually do this kind of thing.

I hope all animal abusers are eventually caught and banned from keeping pets for life. No civilised society should tolerate animal cruelty.

C Rogers Ayrshire


Looking at your Memories page picture of one of Glasgow's first Chinese restaurants (May 1), it just goes to show how far we have come in the city for food options.

You can't walk down a city street these days without some kind of offering from all corners of the globe.

While it's great that Glasgow can compete with other cities in the UK in the culinary stakes, I'll stick with what I know best. Give me a fish supper any day.

C Gentles Govan

Prince prices

HAVING missed out on tickets to see Prince play at the Hydro, it's even more annoying to now see Glasgow tickets appearing on websites at hugely inflated prices.

It's bad enough that the tickets were so highly priced in the first place without money-grabbing so-called 'fans' trying to milk proper Prince fans for every penny they can.

Nicola Cowan Via e-mail