The simplest of cases and the police and the procurator fiscal couldn't get their act together.

(Breakfast bar roll case is thrown out, May 3)

Sadly, the consequences were far-reaching as one of the accused lost his job.

I wonder if there will be a vigorous enquiry and charges following the errant officer's failure to appear at court if he had been lawfully cited? Shambolic and not a case that Police Scotland will be trumpeting about.

Johnny Mack posted online

Don't do God

It's time to move forward (New Bishop criticises council over schooling, May 3).

All schools should be non-denominational,

Stop brainwashing the kids. It's not just Catholic schools, any school that forces their beliefs on others should be ashamed.

Keep this sort of thing for churches, not schools. Let the kids learn maths, English, all the normal subjects.

If they want to talk to God, they can go to church and speak to him.

Allan Campbell Glasgow

Back to basics

Gordon Matheson says: "2014 is the year of Glasgow. We will be on the world stage like never before when we host the Commonwealth Games and the MTV European Music Awards." (Evening Times, May 3)

That is fantastic, but how about addressing the basics like maintaining the roads, eg Gartcraig Road which is in an appalling state? Gartloch Road at Cumbernauld Road has no white line to separate east and westbound traffic, as the tarmac that it was on has crumbled at the seam.

Ronnie Simpson posted online

What a mess

I'm sure the council are saving millions not having to employ people to do this work (City gets a sparkle thanks to efforts of offenders, May 5) in time for the Games. And people who find themselves unemployed through no fault of own are sent to work with criminals. A bit harsh - they are only unemployed.

Eric Reynolds posted online