ONCE again an Evening Times front page (May 5) informs us of another attack on vulnerable and disabled people in a city that is paying a share of £500million to deliver the Commonwealth Games.

Hannah Rodger's exclusive report that a vital rehabilitation programme for people with brain injuries has been axed by Glasgow City Council would be almost beyond belief were it not for the fact that recent history has witnessed the poor, the elderly and disabled people of Glasgow all being victimised by the ruling Labour group.

They include the closure of the Charlie Reid Centre for people experiencing mental health issues, abandonment of the learning disability community, introduction of the £15 charge that is forcing elderly people to give up their place in a day centre and the closure of the Mel Milaap centre depriving Sikh pensioners of that facility.

There is a care crisis taking place in Glasgow.

Tommy Gorman Glasgow

Dog horror

I HOPE the recent article regarding the horrific death of that poor dog has made everyone aware of the monsters among us (April 30).

Animal are abused all over the world through being caged, beaten, killed for their tusks, put into dog fights, etc.

The abusers of pets should not be allowed to have any pets ever and the monster who so horrifically killed this poor dog should suffer the same execution.

All animal abusers should suffer greatly since they are selfish.

Animal lover, Glasgow

Street mystery

I READ in the Evening Times about Glasgow City Council paying out £400,000 in compensation to pedestrians injured falling on crumbling pavements (April 30).

In 2013, the council informed me it is not responsible for the pavements, so who paid out this £400,000?

If the council is responsible for this payout, why are they telling some pedestrians this?

Victim of Glasgow's crumbling roads