Commiserations to the unfortunate health board spokesperson who regurgitates what she's been fed (Hospital Parking Chaos Fears, Wednesday).

Unfortunately the spending on car parks is of little interest if it fails to address demand.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde are only the fall-guys.

It is Glasgow City Council which decrees what parking is provided. It is they who acknowledged a weekday staff figure of 6300 but accepted a parking calculation based on 5300, of whom "only 45% would come by car" (aye, right!).

It was they who agreed the flawed parking allowance of 3500 on condition that those phantom 50 buses an hour would materialise, and let it stand when the buses dematerialised.

Please will somebody explain to me where I'm wrong, before I run out of fingers.

James Sandeman

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Subway bill

WITH regards the bill for travel bosses (Tuesday). Couldn't they get facts from the internet?

What are you going to learn paying flying visits to factories?

You've got to work in them to find out how they function.

Why are Canadian companies being considered for contracts?

Are there no Scottish or at least British companies which can do the work. Thus putting Scottish money into, at least British paypackets, not Canadian ones.

William Brown

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Factory disaster

Reading your coverage of the Stockline disaster 10 years on (Wednesday) is very moving. It is hard to believe so many years have passed since Glasgow was plunged into such horror.

City citizens face many a testing time and my thoughts are still with those involved.

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City memories

Ah, the picture of the 51st State burger bar brings back memories in Sauchiehall Street (Tuesday).

It was one of a kind many moons ago, but a different story now­adays. You can't move for a burger bar at the end of most street corners.

L Kirkland

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