THE air pollution article in the Evening Times on Wednesday quoted a campaigner as saying:

"For the sake of saving lives, we are urging both government and local authorities to spend more money on making it safe to walk and cycle".

There are "green men" for pedestrians to cross with all over Glasgow, and yet few people choose to wait for the light to change before crossing the road in my experience.

Spending money only works if people use the facilities it is spent on.

Ronnie Simpson Via e-mail

Hospital travel

AS AN employee moving next year to the South Glasgow Hospitals campus, management have not told us anything apart from how the new hospital will look.

They can spend hundreds of millions on a hospital but have not considered how staff will be able to get there.

These people who make the decisions think hospitals operate nine to five, Monday to Friday, but the health service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

JH Motherwell

Green is for go

I HAVE noticed a new trend - stopping at green lights. Yes, it seems to be a growing problem in our city.

I am all for people visiting Glasgow and if anyone is not sure where they are going they need to stop - fair enough.

Do they not realise they would be better to pull over somewhere safe, rather than come to a halt at a green light? They put others at risk.

C Gentles Govan

Selfish parents

I FEEL sorry for children whose parents think more of material goods than their youngsters' well-being.

How many meals could they buy for the cost of having their nails done or a pack of cigarettes?

If they can't put their children's needs in front of their luxuries they shouldn't have children.

I brought up two boys on social security and they never went without a meal. They had new shoes, whatever they needed. I did without.

Marion Mulholland Barrhead