I HAVE found the articles on the Stockline disaster in this week's Evening Times moving and emotional.

All the families of those who died are so brave and dignified. As many people have said, no-one should go to work and not return.

So many of us will remember where we were when we heard and all prayed for more survivors.

Since that tragic day there has been the helicopter crash at the Clutha Vaults but both show the resilience and strength of Glaswegians.

It makes you proud to be a Glaswegian.

Elspeth Thompson via email

Vote for poll

I THINK that Rachel Loxton got it wrong in suggesting Scottish voters suffer from apathy at general elections (May 8).

The Scottish voters and, come to that, the Irish and Welsh voters are vastly outnumbered by the English voters.

That means the Westminster government we get is the one that middle England voters plump for - so what is the point in attending the polling booth when your vote counts for nothing.

Roll on the "indy ref".

Alex Cruickshank via email

Bread ban

THE ban on feeding the ducks in Glasgow's Queen's Park is excessive. One solution could be to set up feeding spots with signposts.

People should drop the bread next to the ducks and wait until they have finished it, instead of leaving the bread and going away. That way there would be nothing left for any rodents.

DR West Glasgow