I AM delighted to see another music festival is being added to the ever-growing lists of Glasgow events, and this time for the more mature generation (Evening Times, May 7).

Using the Kelvingrove bandstand area will be a great boon and I hope the event with the Waterboys - to name but one - will just be the start of better things to come for the venue.

P Jacobs Via email

Happy memory

REGARDING the Memories 'OK, who ordered the shots...?' (Evening Times, May 5) - wow, that picture really makes me feel old.

I remember having more than one good night out in Target's bar back in the 1970s.

Another of my haunts back in the day, and not too far from Target's, was The Burns Howff.

William McGavin Glasgow

Buses solution

REGARDING parking fears at the South Glasgow Hospitals campus (Evening Times, May 7), an NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde spokeswoman said: "It will see, for the first time, direct transport from three main sites in the city centre (Buchanan Bus Station, Queen Street and Central Station) to the Southern campus."

This means that most patients and their visiting families, who will be from the south side of the city, will have to go north into town to go out again at great expense.

As for £1million for bike and walking routes - ill people are not very good at cycling or walking far.

"How about some extra buses from the Castlemilk/Kings Park area direct to the hospital, passing the old Victoria Infirmary?

Joe McLaughlin Glasgow

Taxing thought

REGARDING Tenants must claim for help over bedroom tax (Evening Times, May 8), where is the cash coming from?

"The Scottish Government is now able to provide the £50m required to cover all the cash lost in benefits."

Was it just spare?

Ronnie Simpson Posted online