I READ your article on Saturday on a graffiti artist being spared detention.

It is a must that this youth who has destroyed other people's property with graffiti should have been sent to detention for six years or more.

It would teach him a real lesson that we, the public, hate those who do graffiti and send out a real warning message to people who think they can get away with it.

The police must also start arresting those caught graffiti-ing during the night. The walls of the bridge at Crossmyloof railway station have been graffitied yet again after being painted.

A UK-wide ban on outlets selling spray paints must be introduced by the UK government asap.

Alan Hall


Baton relay

I'M delighted to see the coverage of the Commonwealth baton making its way to British shores.

The scenes in Jersey showed people getting behind the relay. Let's hope when it arrives in Glasgow the city will turn out in its thousands to make it a great success.

C Rogers

Via e-mail

Inspiring story

I was inspired to read your story about a young ovarian cancer sufferer who is raising money for charity (Monday).

What a remarkable young woman Nicole Walker is. Taking time out to get involved in Wear a Wig Day is a real charitable act.

C Perkins

Kinning Park

New city hotel

I see another city hotel (Monday) is about to open in time for the Commonwealth Games in a £11million move.

Is there a plan B to ensure that these hotels can all be sustained in the months and years after the Games are over in Glasgow?

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MSP's cash call

WITH regards Labour's Anne McTaggart cash call for Roma events (Saturday).

It is yet another example of elected reps inhabiting a different planet.

I wonder how many constituents would consider that to be a "priority" for public cash?

Doreen Edgar

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