WITH regard to the article on travel impact due to the revamp of Queen Street Station (May 5), it states the taxi rank is some distance from the platforms and the ticket office which would cause difficulty for those with limited mobility.

I feel this was not considered by SPT when as a disabled man myself, I have to walk from John Street when I get off the bus and make my way to Buchanan Street bus station as there is not a stop nearer to the station.

They seem to consider it when it is part of a revamp plan but distance was never considered when planning the locations of the bus stops. Maybe SPT would consider putting bus stops nearer to the bus station for disabled passengers just the same way they consider disabled passengers in Queen Street station

P McNee


Footie taskforce

I am 91-years-old and have been waiting for someone like Councillor Archie Graham and his task-force to appear on the scene and help reorganise Scottish football (May 7).

Hopefully they can make it as well trained and organised as German football is today.

Archie is the man to do this, but he needs the help of people like you. Where would we be without the volunteers?



Traffic plea

Is it too much to ask of Glasgow traffic wardens that they keep traffic flowing by postponing their wish to impound cars until the rush hour (at 5.30pm in St Vincent Street for example) is over?

Their pick-up truck blocks a whole lane, yet the offending car is tucked away in a bay obstructing no-one.

It's surely time to review the regulations and those responsible for enforcing them.


Via e-mail

OAP struggle

REGARDING Monday's article on city OAPs losing out on money due to lower life expectancy.

This is not restricted to Scotland vs England. How about figures for Calton v Morningside. Some health services in different districts offer woeful services.

Tom Kent