The bus stop issue (Tuesday) is an ongoing problem across the city, causing roadworks and traffic chaos on big stretches of road, e.g.

Cowcaddens Road at the bus station down to one lane for five days to raise the pavement at stop.

And, in the East End, in South Hallhill Road, they moved a bus stop from a space with a bus bay, 15m back onto a traffic lane, which now blocks the whole junction.

It worked well for generations, and now it is chaotic at busy times. I am glad someone is now highlighting the way the council is wasting our money and creating, rather than solving problems.

MS Via e-mail

SNP action

Regarding Glasgow City Council leader Gordon Matheson saying "our role as the powerhouse of the Scottish economy is ignored by the SNP government" (Tuesday). I disagree.

Labour has been in power in the city for more than 50 years.

The East End has sat derelict for more than 40 years until we get a two-week Commonwealth Games sweetener.

Why in all those 50 years in power has the council not overseen expansion of our Subway or some form of LRT for the city.

E Reynolds

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Broomielaw lift

Travelling along the Broomielaw is beginning to be a real pleasure.

It is starting to resemble a European-style avenue with the tree-lined street. Cyclists and joggers are able to use the route safely. It is a great asset and hope that other areas in the city may get similar treatment.

L McGarrity

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Barlow OBE

PM: Gary Barlow doesn't need to give back OBE, despite tax claims double standards here from Cameron.

He was quick to criticise Jimmy Carr for a tax avoidance scheme but when it comes to his 'pal' Barlow, it's not an issue.

Ross McLeod

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Gallery picture

YOUR picture of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum was a great picture of a great gallery in a great city.

Angus Westmorland

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