Great that they have decided to run the Subway later due to the Games, (Evening Times, May 15) but if it can be done for this event, why not at other key times of the year or weekends?

We are always being told about using public transport more, but sometimes that can be a bit difficult when coming out of a late gig or show.

Perhaps the powers that be would consider giving us residents in the city longer subway hours as we are the ones who live here year round and spend our hard-earned cash in the city.

Name and address supplied

Barlow burden

I cannot believe how naive and idiotic fans of Gary Barlow can be in downloading tracks to help fund the fortune he deliberately avoided paying tax on.

The poor and sick in this country are being hammered as scroungers and this fawning Tory millionaire can escape with impunity.

It tells us all we need to know about this heartless Westminster government. The sooner we are rid of this burden the better.

A Martin Glasgow

Parking rip-off

Glasgow has to be one of the most zealous cities when it comes to fleecing motorists. Bus lanes, target-driven parking attendants and the on- street charges make it a no go area for me. Yesterday my pounds were spent at Makro, Hillington and Braehead shops. The council's anonymous spokespersons can come up with the same reasons every time but at £24 per day in their coffers, it's a rip-off.

Johnny Mack Posted online

Brain unit vital

REGARDING 'Petition is launched to save service for brain injury patients'

my partner had a brain injury while in Glasgow and we needed support like this. In the middle of it all I also took a stroke which made things harder. I had support from my family in Glasgow, but it was still very difficult.We were based down south at the time but are now back and taking it one day at a time. I hope this unit stays open.

Eric Reynolds Posted online