Once again the city of Glasgow has been chosen for yet another film (Thursday) featuring the area around George Square with diversions put in place over the weekend.

The revenue flowing in from the various films being made here is certainly not being reflected in all parts of the city, other than the East End where the Commonwealth Games are being held.

The state of some of the side roads and walkways are a total disgrace here in Castle­milk and I think the Councillors go around with their eyes closed most of the time.

As for (our leader) Mr Matheson's comments that this latest film is "testament to Glasgow's unique character" this may be true but only if you consider "unique" as taking your life in your hands when walking on a pavement or crossing some of the roads.

Margaret Sinclair


Hospital beds

It is no wonder the A&E departments are not meeting their targets (Thursday) due to the amount of beds the hospitals have lost.

Retired Nurse

Via e-mail

Mall parking

WITH regards St Enoch Shopping Centre, I have to say I love the centre as all my favourite shops are there.

However, I think parking in the centre is total rubbish. There is very little room to manoeuvre your car into the shockingly tight spaces and then when you do get in, anyone who is more than 6st can't get out of their car without a struggle.

I have actually lost count how many times I have arrived home after a visit to St Enoch to discover another scratch or little dent on my car.

Alex Miller