Thursday's Evening Times reported parking charges in Glasgow cost drivers a total of almost £9million and gave the impression drivers were paying too much.

Why do motorists expect things free? Is it not reasonable they should pay to rent a space of public roads? If they do not like it they can take a bus or cycle.

Roads are paid for by everyone - road users and non-users. They claim to pay Road Tax, yet there is no such thing. What some people pay is Vehicle Excise Duty or car vehicle tax.

Road users have no more right to complain than smokers or alcohol drinkers who could claim to have more right to NHS services as they, too, pay extra duty on their purchases.

The people who do have reason to complain are those who use the terrible bus transport system and who are being continually fleeced - and there is no big powerful organisation to stand up for them.

Dougie McKerrell

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Expensive trips

It is admirable the Glasgow Subway will extend the running times during the Commonwealth Games (May 15), but I hope those visitors using the service are aware the price of a return ticket is a hefty £3.

Of course, people can always buy a smartcard to reduce costs but this needs to be applied for and can take 10 days to arrive. It also costs a £3 administration fee. So that is unlikely to be much use to visitors to the city.

Julie McNeill


City for tourists

FRIDAY'S report stated 'Glasgow rejects bid for statue in honour of William Wallace'.

Maybe someone should explains to SNP MSP Sandra White that Glasgow already IS a top tourist destination, and it has become that way without any help from the SNP hero from hundreds of years ago.

It would suit Ms White better to spend her time addressing the issues in her constituency.

Doreen Edgar

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Money spinner

I AM looking forward to seeing TV show Outlander, having worked on the show. It will be a huge boost to the Scottish economy.

Craig McEwan

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