THE immediate near sell-out of nearly all the Summer Nights gigs planned for the revamped Kelvingrove Bandstand is brilliant news, but why did the council allow this jewel in the city's crown of the to fall into disrepair?

The ticket sales confirm what I've always believed, that with the right promotion and artist selection, the venue could be a real money-spinner. It is Glasgow's answer to the Hollywood Bowl.

Here's hoping that, once all the hoopla of the 2014 Games has left town, the bandstand will continue to thrive.

Nick Cook Via e-mail

Launching pads

Reading Gordon Thomson's article (May 18), I was really pleased to see shipbuilding in Scotland on a high again.

Reading on, I was fascinated to learn of the massive size of the two new carriers and the quarter of a million litres of paint needed for the finish. As for the total length of all the electrical cable fitted, that must have taken some ragglin'!

MS Ibrahim Via email

Garden glory

I RECENTLY discovered the walled garden beside the House For An Art Lover in Bellahouston Park. What a treat!

The parkies keep it beautiful and it has now become my favourite spot for a wander and read of the papers. Keep up the good work, guys.

May Herron Via e-mail

The right fight

city councillor Paul Rooney is to be commended for his relentless campaign against payday lenders and betting firms who continually seek to exploit our poorest communities.

I had become somewhat estranged with local and national politics, however watching an elected member stand up and tackle such an important issue head on restores some of my faith in local politics.

The sad part though is that these strong willed individuals are often overlooked in favour of 'yes' men when it comes to leadership choices in politics..

Ben Glasgow