Last week, for the first time in two years, I visited the East End of Glasgow - what a transformation!

I couldn't believe I wasn't in another city. It was amazing, especially the area in and around Celtic Park, new roads, landscaping etc. It was a real delight.

I had an appointment in Govan later that day and was sad to discover the sad and sorry state it was in, it looked so dilapidated, neglected and uncared for.

Jean Alexander Glasgow

Feeding bill

I have many dear Muslim friends, and often host them in my home, besides frequently being invited to their evening meal at Ramadan. However, I'm concerned at Alex Salmond's pledge to try to find funding to feed visitors at Glasgow Central Mosque during Commonwealth Games.

There will be athletes and visitors in the city of many faiths, and none, so to give to one group and not the others would be unfair and discriminatory.

I don't believe this would be a wise, or fair, use of public money-unless Mr Salmond's planning to use his own money, which I doubt. Is he trying to buy Muslim votes for the "Yes" campaign?

S Thomson Via e-mail

Late arrivals

Re. Electric trains (May 20). Good to see rail bosses missed out the bit about the additional 10 minutes journey time for passengers from Stepps, Gartcosh, Greenfaulds and Cumbernauld as the train has to now head through Bellgrove to get to Queen Street.

Graham Earl Posted online

Driving us out

Bus lanes, potholes and now a car ban in George Square - Glasgow City Council is intent on making driving in the city centre as inconvenient as possible.

They hope more people will use public transport.

I fear they will jump in their cars and drive to an out-of-town shopping malls, with free parking, to spend their hard-earned cash there.

James Watson Via e-mail