In the short time I've lived in Glasgow, I've been delighted at the pleasant, courteous and helpful service I've received from all the shop assistants I've met; that is, until today.

In a shop I've given my custom to many times, I was astounded at the rudeness of the young male assistant who sought to 'serve' me.

Before I had a chance to even say what I wished to buy, he said "What?" To which I replied; "Pardon?" - He followed this with, "WH-A-AT? Whit is it ye want?"

I replied; "Never mind, if you're going to be rude!" I then turned and walked out of the shop.

In a way, he did me a favour because I walked further to another shop, where I had a better choice of goods and received pleasant and helpful service.

My chosen doughnut tasted all the sweeter for this.

Name and address supplied

Care costs

When the question of NHS funding is raised, MPs frequently mention Scotland's ageing population and the strain their care costs will put on the system.

Most of the elderly have contributed all their working lives to the NHS, through national insurance, whereas many youths have not.

Scotland's booze and blade culture cost the NHS £400 million per year, not to mention the bill for treating drug addiction, sexually transmitted diseases etc., which are all self inflicted. Ageing is not.

If the elderly are to make a contribution towards their care, those who continue to abuse the system by their life style should also pay up.

E McIntyre Glasgow

A quick fix

THE recent collapse of a tenement wall on Paisley Road West should act as a warning to all householders and landlords in the city. Good property maintenance is essential to prevent such incidents.

As a retired surveyor, I regularly see broken down pipes, wonky gutters and slipped and slipped slates on city building, not to mention all the weeds growing out the stonework.

Get it fixed.

Mason Via e-mail