SO Glasgow is getting to grips with its pothole problem?

Well you could have fooled me - and my car.

It seems as though streets in every part of town have become not just an inconvenience, but a danger.

How are drivers supposed to concentrate when they constantly have to check that the road surface isn't riddled with craters?

Angry motorist name and address supplied

School shock

I HAVE just seen on the Evening Times website of the devastation to the Glasgow Art School.

It is one of the city's best-loved buildings and I can't believe such a terrible thing has happened to it.

The Mackintosh Building is so much a part of Glasgow, it is hard to imagine it not being there any more.

I was out at lunch time and couldn't believe the smoke and flames, absolutely shocking.

Pam Greenwood Maryhill

Why the delays

TRAVELLING to work along the M80, traffic ground to a halt.

I thought it wouldn't be a long wait but five minutes later I was starting to lose patience.

I flicked over the radio channels but there were no traffic updates.

And then, all of a sudden, the traffic started moving.

I thought there must have been a massive accident but as we travelled south there was nothing to see.

This seems to be a frequent occurrence on this road.

It would be great if someone could explain what causes these hold-ups.

George Smith Cumbernauld