GLASGOW City Council's threat to ban bagpipes from the city's parks was ridiculous, but the Commonwealth Games ban on our national instrument is ludicrous and will disappoint many visitors to the games.

The bagpipes will no more distract athletes than the rain.

I will not be attending any events in protest to the imbeciles who thought this one up.

Les Trueman, Glasgow

Ramadan costs

I RECENTLY read in the paper of the request to the Scottish government to fund Islamic visitors' food and drinks bill during their visit to the Commonwealth Games, which coincides with Ramadan.

I am not in the position financially to attend the games despite living just outside Glasgow. These travellers appear to have the means to travel halfway round the world to attend so it would be expected they could fund their own sustenance when they stay in Scotland.

When I go on holiday no-one subsidizes my food. Hopefully Mr Salmond thinks very carefully before responding with taxpayers' cash. Let him fund it out of his own pocket as £50,000 to £100,000 is a large sum and maybe if he has to pay it out of his own savings he will think again.

Elspeth Findlay, Glasgow

Fine reminder

THE council has placed ads on buses recently encouraging citizens to make the city cleaner and report litter louts on a freephone number. I commend this but they should have also let people know that the fine for dropping litter has increased to £80.

AN, Glasgow

Rubbish anger

After reading the article regarding Kelvindale and the area's fly-tipping problem, I had to write.

I stay in Dorchester Avenue and the way some residents treat the streets is a disgrace. I have asked the council to provide extra bins but they refuse.

They also refused to issue any letters giving warnings. Rubbish on the street or back gardens is never met with warnings. Obviously this is then seen as the norm and repeated by the unwashed few. I feel a short leaflet would drastically improve the area.

Ewen Fraser, Kelvindale