BRIAN SWEENEY, in his column, last Friday mentions prominent individuals who have said things they shouldn't, such as Nigel Farage and Prince Charles.

But if there was an award for the "most unfortunate remark of the year", it would have to go to Scots Labour leader, Johann Lamont for her comment, in a heated debate with Nicola Sturgeon, that Scots "are not genetically programmed to make political decisions."

The question is, does Ed Miliband agree with her or does he simply not have anyone else to replace her so close to the referendum?

Felix McCabe Cardonald

Cash snatchers

VERY disappointed by the two customers who took my £10 cashback from Asda Parkhead self-service checkouts one minute after I forgot to collect it on Friday.


Food free for all

In response to S Thomson's letter of May 22 - "Feeding bill" - I would say that if Mosques wish to provide free food for visiting worshippers, those in charge should organise a collection to cover the costs of those free meals.

Visitors have made a decision to come here and surely cannot simply expect others to provide their meals .

We already have many needy people in the city and we should not be spending limited resources on visitors.

Angus McKay Via e-mail

It's Nimbyism

SO, there is anger at plans to turn a care home into a homeless hostel (May 26). I think those that are in opposition to helping homeless people should understand that the bigger scandal would be to leave these men to roam the streets while the building lay unused.

I hope that they find accommodation for these homeless guys elsewhere and they turn the building into a sewage treatment facility or nuclear cleaning station.

Nimby numpties is what these protesters are.

Mike Moss Glasgow