Your article on fly tipping in Govanhill was depresssing, but Govanhill is not the only area that suffers from this problem.

You only have to look at the Cessnock area to realise what a cesspit it has become.

Much of the problem lies with private landlords, who, as soon as one tenant moves out, dump disused items in the street to clear the flat for the next tenant.

The city council must share some of the blame, for not checking up on the actions of these landlords and for piling more pressure onto the already hard-pressed bin staff who are left to clear up the mess.

C Webster Via e-mail

Leave the car

With Glasgow's myriad bus, rail and Subway services, why would anyone expect carte blanche to drive into George Square?

As it is, it's car drivers that already clog-up Cathedral St/Killermont St/North Hanover St (beyond the bus lane) trying to access/egress to and from the car park at Buchanan Galleries.

Hazel Kaye Posted online

Talking hot air

The Commonwealth Games organisers are talking absolute rubbish when they try to justify banning the bagpipes and other instruments from stadiums.

I would like to know, have any of these officials have ever been active in competitive sport?

When you are active at national level, when the starting bell or gun goes the noise of the crowd etc, it doesn't matter as you are on your own.

As an old ex pro and boxing coach told me: 'Son you're not fighting the crowd, you're fighting the man in the ring. You don't hear the crowd.'

Johnny Kelly Former boxer and coach Saint Pius YC Drumchapel Maryhill


IS IT me or is not a little worrying that Serco, a firm better known for transporting prisoners, has just won the contract to operatate the Caldonian Sleeper train service (May 28)?

What are they going to do, lock us in our cabins all the way to London?

Chris Reilly Via e-mail