Banning bagpipes from the Commonwealth Games is as ludicrous as threatening shopkeepers and small businesses with massive fines if they use the words Commonwealth, Glasgow 2014, Games etc on their premise.

It already feels as if the Games don't belong to Glasgow, but to the organisers and sponsors.

John Devlin Posted online


TUESDAY'S Memories picture, 'Charge of the fruit brigade' of the old Candleriggs fruit market looks like an early version of online delivery.

You talk about the aroma of all the fresh fruit and veg at the market and that's something you cannot bottle. I remember as a kid being sent to the fruit shop and no wonder we wanted to go, when the heavenly scent hit us.

You can't tell me it's the same now with clicking online for deliveries.

C Gentles Govan

Scare figure

Danny Alexander is scaremongering with sweeping statements, saying Scots would be £1400 better off in the Union.

This referendum is about Scotland having control of its own affairs at home and abroad and its people getting the government it votes for.

So, Mr Alexander, let the people decide. I'm sure in an independent Scotland even you can stand for election in the new government and maybe, just maybe, you might save your deposit.

Kenny Via e-mail

Gaelic classes

re. Anger as no primary slot available for Gaelic nursery boy. This seems to be the general trend regarding any one, regardless of age, who has a genuine desire to learn Gaelic.

For the past eight years I have been trying to access the only college in Glasgow to offer an adults' learner course, only to be fobbed off with pathetic excuses.

One has to doubt the academic professionalism of these institutions.

Geof Brown Posted online