I AM not against bus lane cameras in principle, but what I am firmly against is the '24/7' nature of most of them.

I took offence at being caught by the infamous Glassford Street camera on a wet Tuesday night at 2am, having found myself there owing to roadworks.

Not a bus or passenger to be seen, just the sound of a ringing cash register.

Allen McLaughlin, Paisley

Student hope

FANTASTIC news that students have started returning to Glasgow School of Art (Evening Times, May 30.)

What is the building without the life-blood of these talented young artists? I hope they are able to rebuild it.

C Rogers Sent by email

Shelf life

THAT a quarter of UK adults are obese is a shocking statistic.

What will the future hold if the country's diets continue to have such a damaging effect on people's health?

Some people say it is down to willpower but what chance do people have when all the things we aren't supposed to eat line supermarket shelves?

L McGarrity

Rubbish start

REGARDING Govanhill rubbish (Evening Times May 26), it will be interesting now that the problem has been publicised to see if conditions improve.

The onus has now got to be on the council to ensure there are adequate rubbish removals and hopefully their litter wardens and inspectors will take a more robust approach to offenders.

Johnny Mack Posted online