MILES better on the Squinty Bridge these days - road traffic measures have eased traffic.

I know not many people are in favour of Fastlink, which has brought on these changes, but it has certainly helped commuters using the bridge.

With the opening up of links from Govan to the West End and Hydro area we are quids in.

Happy motorist


Salmond claim

WITH regards Alex Salmond saying Scotland could be £5billion better off in 15 years' time (Wednesday).

Since the mid 1990s, 1.7% more people are in employment in Scotland, yet Mr Salmond is somehow hoping double that amount will find work in the next 25 years, the figure seems very optimistic to me.

Furthermore the population in 2012 was 5,313,600, in 2014 it is 5,254,800, which presumably means less people paying tax. It is therefore difficult to see how the tax revenue can increase without paying extra tax.

Unless he hopes to increase the population with 500,000 immigrants.

Mark Allen

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Govanhill woe

You have to stop and think about all the fury over Govanhill rubbish.

It is a pretty bad state of affairs for rubbish to still be a problem in this day and age especially when the Commonwealth Games are just weeks away.

I realise the authorities can only do their bit before more rubbish accumulates. However, can someone tell me why when you go to European countries, there is not a sign of any litter.

Take the streets of Germany for example - they are spotless.

Perhaps we could take note and follow our European counterparts good ways and have zero tolerance to rubbish.

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Lane cameras

REGARDING Thursday's story on suspending a bus lane camera.

There should be a independent look at all of the new alterations on the roads, some of these new markings on the roads are at least badly thought out and at worst irresponsible.

Robert Smith

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