I don't understand the furore over the number of police stop and searches in Glasgow.

They make me feel safer, and have reduced the number of attacks and people carrying knives.

They can stop and search me any time - I've got nothing to hide.

N. De Vilbiss Via e-mail

Tram return

THEY might have cost a lot of money and taken longer than expected, but the Edinburgh trams really do look something special.

Being from Glasgow, I remember our city's old trams - just.

I'll be heading through to Edinburgh for a wee hurl on one, as I am sure many people will turning them into a tourist attraction.

Does that not tell powers that be in Glasgow that our east coast pals may indeed be on to something?

Bring back the Glasgow trams.

C Gentles Govan

Fire heroes

What a great sight to see the fire service being given a thank you by staff and students at Glasgow School of Art after their efforts following the blaze.

Some people might say they were just doing their jobs, but in this case they went above and beyond. So often our emergency services are knocked, but it's a job I know I couldn't do.

C Rogers Via e-mail

Pension potty

As a pensioner I am getting more and more baffled by the latest suggestions of what we can do with our money.

We were told a few months ago in the Budget we could take our money early, and now we are being told we could pool our resources for a bigger pay out pot under a Dutch formula.

All this leaves me wondering which way to turn.

It is difficult enough to know who to trust with your hard-earned pension money without this new uncertainty.

I wish we all had expert advisers on hand, which, I am sure, our MPs all have to tell them what best to do with their money.

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