The Eagles' concert on Saturday at the Glasgow Hydro was brilliant.

It was my first visit to the Hydro, but I feel that there are two vital points that the management need to address.

On level two and especially level three you are so far away from the stage that the performers look like 'Lego' figures, you therefore rely on the big screens for viewing.

There are only two screens, one at either side of the stage, and these are far too small for this size of the venue. Larger screens need to be erected to cater for fans on the upper levels.

Also, for the amount of money that was spent on building the Hydro, I could not believe that there are no aisle hand rails in place. The climb up to level two and especially level three is extremely steep. Due to this problem, I can see accidents happening .

E Kavanagh Via e-mail

Horror loos

I COULDN'T believe when I was charged 30p to use the loos in Buchanan Street Bus Station at the weekend.

The toilets are awful. A male attendant was swabbing the soaking wet floor with a dirty mop and the sinks were all soaking. Never again

With the Games about to start up, I hope they smarten them up.

S Robertson Via e-mail

Room for all

LOCAL activists don't want a hostel for men in their quiet 'West End' neighbourhood, which they say is mostly old people, families and single women - everyone apart from sinlge men. There should be room in all communities for every type of person.

L Docherty Maryhill

Bus fine cash

Can someone in the council explain why bus lanes were so "vitally important" near the Beatson prior to 1am on May 27 that 1339 drivers were fined "to keep the city moving", but suddenly they were no longer important after this point in time?

The council must refund the money they have extorted from these drivers.

David Gartshore Via e-mail