The reaction of some people to the planned homeless unit in the West End reminded me of the situation a few years ago when the same thing happened near Queen's Park.

Local residents there had to put up with years of anti-social behaviour, criminality, daily intimidation, street fights, muggings and even a murder in the park. Is it any wonder that people in the West End are concerned?

It defies logic that the council have decided that an area such as this is a suitable place to house alcoholic and drug- addicted men. Surely a better use could be found for the these premises, after all, there is a university and hospital in that area.

Would it not be a better idea to house students or nurses there, or is the council trying to create a situation that will put local residents at risk?

R Keery Via e-mail

Keep on track

Re. the article 'My champion runner dad would have loved the Glasgow Games' (June 4). I remember Andy Forbes well.

He was a dedicated member of Victoria Park Harriers, while my dad Jimmy Irvine was their trainer.

That was in the days when, with nearly all he running tracks made of red ash, a wee bottle of water, a scrubbing brush, sponge and a bottle of Acraflavine anti-septic cured everything.

Jean Alexander Glasgow

Lock-down row

So residents are to be subject to a 'lock-down' during the Commonwealth Games cycling time trials. Who do North Lanarkshire Council think they are, the Gestapo?

What happened to these peoples' rights to go about their daily life?

LJT Glasgow

Games gigs

Lulu, a few folk singers and Belle and Sebastian. Is that really the best the city can offer us to celebrate the Commonwealth Games?

Surely, with all the talent there is out there, we could recruit a few stars from the Commonwealth countries.

Neil Fraser Via e-mail