It feels small minded, and even disrespectful to the many Scots, English, Welsh and Irish who fought bravely and gave their lives, that on the anniversary of D-Day, Scotland is even considering breaking away from the Union.

Operation Neptune, the largest amphibious operation ever, was a magnificent example of what the British can achieve when we all work together.

Scots and Scotland will continue to have influence and serve the world best as part of a G8 country.

William Ramsay Via e-mail

Wall of silence

RE. Your story about the Baltic Street fence (June 5) - one of the complainers says: "There has been little engagement with local people."

Nothing new there - locals are the least of the Council's concern

Doreen Edgar Posted online

Total drink ban

I see the police have launched their annual summer anti-drink drive campaign. Is it not about time we went for zero tolerance on this matter?

We are pushing through all kinds of new laws, surely this should be a priority? Scotland should lead the way and go for an all out ban.

Name and address supplied

Level headed

I totally agree with E Kavanagh's comments (Letters, June 5) on the lack of handrails in the new Hydro.

My daughter and I took the lift as far as it would go, then were pointed in the direction of about 18 stairs to climb. Being partially disabled, I struggled to manage, then we were horrified to be shown our seats were up in the Gods, with no apparent handrail.

My daughter refused to let me climb any further, and eventually we were sent back down the flight of stairs again to the disabled platform, where we only got seats because of the kindness of people whose friends had not turned up.

If I ever go to the Hydro again I will make sure my seat is on a level served by the lift.

Margaret Taylor Glasgow