The proposed homeless hostel in Burnbank Gardens is an understandably distressing issue for the local residents (Wednesday).

It seems lunacy they'd put it right next to a known drug-dealing and problematic drinking area, one with a very high number of pensioners, disabled, single women, a nursery and vulnerable people.

The insensitivity of the Social Work Department and its lack of consultation, policy documents and adequate information makes me wonder what these public servants think of the public in Glasgow. Shame on them.

M Reid Via e-mail

Burnbank plans

L Docherty of Maryhill (Wednesday) is the latest of your readers passing judgment on those objecting the proposed homeless hostel in Burnbank Gardens, while clearly having no understanding of the issues.

The area has a very high proportion of social housing, and it is not wealthy West Enders who are objecting to having their peace disturbed.

Nobody is objecting to single men being housed in the area. The objection is to locating 40 single males with drug or alcohol addictions, some of whom have a criminal record.

Doreen Edgar Woodside

Fergie's plonk

It's perfectly all right for a good old-fashioned socialist like Sir Alex Ferguson to flog his wine collection for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

But it was unbelievable that part of the collection fetched slightly more than Wayne Rooney's weekly wage of £300,000. The People's Game has turned sour.