IT would be outrageous to suggest that a cancer or stroke patient has "done something stupid" by falling victim to their illness.

Yet it is not uncommon to hear that said of suicide victims.

Suicide is the most tragic culmination of a severe illness not an act of stupidity.

Mental ill health can be a dangerous, terrifying condition and now affects one in four people. Inadequate, often inappropriate medical resources, limited social understanding or concern do not help improve the national disgrace of poor provision of care and status experienced by many severely ill and vulnerable patients.

Sufferers of any illness deserve dignity, respect, courtesy and compassion.

Jean Porter Kilmarnock

Safer streets

re. pensioner robbed.

Govanhill was such a safe neighbourhood once. Now you are afraid to walk through it during the day.

I hope the girls who robbed the OAP are soon brought to justice.

Patricia Docherty Glasgow

Games fears

THE South Side of Glasgow will be in chaos with the security around Hampden Stadium during the Commonwealth Games.

Those of us who live and work here are dreading the Games.

And that's before we start to talk about whether Glasgow can actually afford to host the event, considering that many services for vulnerable and disabled Glaswegians are either being closed down, or are having punitive charges placed on them.

Michelle McGuigan Glasgow

Proud of Dad

HAVING walked the Normandy landing beaches with my father before he died, I was deeply moved watching the BBC's D-Day commemorations.

He was just 23 when he ran ashore on June 6 1944, but was one of the few lucky enough to return home safe.

Having never had to endure a war in Europe, I thank all the men who fought for our future.

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