I must take issue with William Ramsay's letter of Friday, which attempts to link the D-Day invasion with the independence referendum.

In recent days some politicians have tried the same clumsy tactic and Mr Ramsay's letter typifies their demeaning of the contribution to the invasion of Europe by citizens of countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia and US.

The brave troops who landed in France were fighting for freedom and democracy, including the democratic right to self determination.

Scotland, in exerting this right, is neither 'disrespectful' to the British troops or to the many nationalities who fought with them. If anything, it should go some way to helping justify the sacrifice they made.

Stewart Watson


Hostel plan

WITH regards Glasgow Council's plan for a homeless hostel in Burnbank Gardens.

How can Glasgow City Council allow this unit to go ahead when it has been proven that such large units simply do not work well and create more problems than they claim to solve?

It was heartbreaking to see so many vulnerable elderly people in tears at what the council plans to do in their area.

M Reid

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Govanhill CCTV

I commend the Evening Times on Friday's article announcing cameras for Govanhill.

However, why does this area get CCTV, yet areas in the city centre which suffer from rapes and murders are not to be considered?

Mr Clean

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Qatar problems

What is it with this country? Now we have got Jim Murphy MP interfering in the workers in Qatar.

Why can't we keep our nose out of other countries' problems and concentrate on our own?

What gives him the right to spend the taxpayers money going over there on a "jolly"?

Keep your nose out and do what we pay you to do, i.e look after the people you are being paid to and never mind anybody else.


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