BARRICADES in front of homes, curfrews preventing children playing in the streets after 6 pm, no adults in the streets after 10.30pm, it sounds like a war zone.

No, it is the area surrounding the Athletes Village for the Commonwealth Games.

It's another slap in the face for the people of the East End of Glasgow.

Perhaps the village should have been outwith the city and athletes transported in.

Name and address supplied

Poll confusion

WITH £563million spent on Glasgow 2014 and the price tag still rising, the Edinburgh trams fiasco and families reliant on foodbanks, is it any wonder I'm confused about voting for independence?

Where do I get answers? doesn't help for this.

Tom Etherso Sent by email

Men on march

REGARDING the midnight march following violence against woman (Evening Times June 10), men, including myself, turned up in their thousands to support the cause. It's not just women who are fed up with what's happening. It's everyone.

It's not just a community that's outraged - it's a city.

James Welsh Sent by email

Fab prefabs

REGARDING the memories page Prefab homes (June 6), they met a pressing need.

I spent the first 19 years of my life in a Sandyhills prefab on Cassels Estate, so there were trees and landscaped grounds.

Although the standard would not be acceptable today, they were a fine place to grow up... much better than a tenement.

Gerry Duffy, Midland, Canada

Bike menace

I WAS shocked by the antics of cyclists.

I was driving on a roundabout making a right turn when one cut through. A second also darted past without a thought for road rules.

Give way for cyclists? How about giving way for drivers?

C Gentles Govan