ONCE again, I open my Evening Times and see the NHS in trouble again (Evening Times, June 9).

The woman's ordeal at the Victoria Infirmary is a disgrace.

There is £842million being spent on the Southern General but when the Western shuts, the north side of the city will be left with just the Royal to cope.

This won't work. How are people this side of the city going to get there?

We had a perfectly good hospital called Stobhill, before the changes. Surely someone somewhere must have money to invest in returning this hospital to what it was, creating jobs and giving the people of the north side of the city and outlying areas their hospital back.

It would make sense and work well with the clinics already there.

Name and address supplied

JK ignores risk

REGARDING JK Rowling backing the No campaign (Evening Times, June 11), there is nothing from her about the serious risks to Scotland's future by continuing to be ruled from Westminster.

She might not like the current Westminster government but in Scotland we can never get rid of it, whatever flavour it is, unless a majority of people in England want change.

She suggests that Scotland would be in a position of strength if the vote is for continued dependence. As Harry might say, "Aye right".

James Anderson, Kyoto

Cup dream

SO the SFA could quit Hampden (Evening Times, June 6). I hope that never happens.

It is a field of dreams and memories.

Where else would you spend an afternoon watching a team go round on a bus with the belief we were going to win the 1978 World Cup?

Disgruntled football fan

Jardine plan

PUTTING up a memorial to Sandy Jardine is a fantastic decision (Evening Times, June 10).

I am a Celtic fan and I was lucky enough to see him play. He was a top drawer footballer.

I wonder what he and Danny McGrain would go for in today's market.

James Conway Posted online